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Your "Best" Web Design & Dev Company Options

We Searched Google For "Web Design Raipur" and Analyzed Our Competition's Own Company Websites. 
Company #1
Company #2
Company #3

Web design Company Option #1

As expected, this is one of the first companies that shows up.  Remember, this is their own website, which means that this should be up high on priority. Generally, web design companies have issues all the time, but when you begin to see things like "Not Secure" and .php in the urls, RUN.

Educate Yourself
No SSL Certificate
Not SEO Friendly URLs
Low PageSpeed Score
404 Pages Never Load
Overall, Just "Meh" Design
Php Tech From 1920s
Server Takes 1s To Respond
1,035.4 KiB Of Unused Js


I would not choose this company, just because I know that no matter what, looking at the state of their website, I cannot trust that the designers and the developers will pay attention to details. Either they are getting so many customers that they don't bother updating their website or they don't get their customers through their website. Both of these scenarios are a horror story for you, as a customer.

 You should pass on this one.

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Web design Company Option #2

This one is interesting in more ways than I can count. They offer 5 page hosting. It is clear they might trick unsuspecting customers into paying more once their website grows. They also have "Unlimited Storage" and "Unlimited Bandwidth" on their website. If you are reading this, remember, run away from any host that says "Unlimited" Anywhere on their website.

Educate Yourself:
Why Shared Hosting Is Bad For Your Business
No SSL Certificate
Questionable 3800 Price
Low PageSpeed Score
5 Page Hosting?!
Overall, Just "Meh" Design
Unlimited Space?!
Server Takes 1.8s To Respond
Website Looks Spammy


I have no words for this one. They took a perfectly okay looking theme and somehow made it worse. Their website looks so spammy, I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

It is like I am paying 3800 INR to someone to intentionaly jeopardize the future of my business. Next Please.
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The Truth

Unfortunately, this is how web design agencies work. They have become virtual mills of low quality websites that then impact the business owner who is a little bit less educated about the long term implications

The Harsher Truth

We know, you will probably choose to save money and have your website up and running. One task checked off the list. I humbly encourage you to do so. So you can come back here and request a redesign from Counsellr, once you realize the finer details of owning a website.

By this time, you would have lost months in time and depending on what your business is, a substantial amount of revenue

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